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Instructor Training 

ERCA Traditional High & Low Ropes Instructor
'The combined high and low ropes instructor course is designed for
anybody who operates or manages traditional low & high ropes courses'

High ropes courses are typically those courses run on an assisted belay system and might include elements such as Jacob's Ladder, the Leap of Faith and the High All Aboard etc.

Low Ropes courses are close to the ground and only require spotting for safety and don't have a belay system in place. Activities can include elements such as the spider’s web, trust falls etc. Larger low ropes courses will have a continuous set of elements.

The training course follows the ERCA syllabus for both the Traditional High & Low Ropes Instructors and is delivered through a combination of practical and theory sessions.

Course Summary

If you'd like further information or would like to book please call David Black on: 07739 569491 or email

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